Map Features

Sammamish Data Systems creates custom map solutions for you to use and integrate into your business and marketing strategies. Here is a list of some of the key features of our mapping products.

  • Create Custom Maps. Create custom Marketing Maps to use for your service area, franchise, deliveries, target marketing, and mailing campaigns.
  • Easily Integrate into Direct Mail Campaigns. Use our mapping software or a custom map to add demographics to target areas for use with your existing mailing lists.
  • Ready for Direct Mail Marketing Companies to use. We work with some of the top Direct Mail Marketing Companies to assist you in creating target mailing lists to reach existing and potential clients.
  • Customizable. We will work with you to create a solution based on your needs. That may be a wall map for your realtor office or a pizza delivery radius map.
  • Select your Region. Our Maps are available by State, Region, or the entire United States.
  • Updates. Get Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual Updates. We use the most current files available in all of our Custom Maps.
  • Use with Desktop Mapping Systems. We can create your custom maps, or you can use our files to create your own maps internally with GeoSight, MapInfo, or ArcInfo/ArcView.

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Mapping Products

Sammamish Data System’s mapping products provide an edge for your marketing campaign by using demographics, maps for sales territories, business locators, deliveries, as well as custom maps and wall maps.

Our maps also contain the latest information from the current release of the TIGER/Line™ files, the U.S. Postal Service's latest AMS-II files, U.S. Geological Service survey data and our own proprietary data.

Carrier Route polygon map
Zip +2 Polygon Map

Custom Mapping Services

At Sammamish Data Systems, we have the ability to generate custom data sets as well as build custom maps.

We build and own our geography, so we can give you the best accuracy and the best price - a winning combination for our customers.

Our map experts can incorporate your customer database and marketing areas to better display market penetration, or overlay demographic data to help you better understand your customer profiles. From radius reports to ZIP+4 based buffer zones, we'll be able to support your specific map requirements.

We like to give our customers choices. You can order a .PDF image to print your maps internally or at your local print shop, or you can have us generate a professional printout and ship your maps ready to use. Choose from a variety of map sizes to best suite your budget and mapping requirements.

custom map sample
  • A Size Maps: 8 1/2 x 11
  • B Size Maps: 14 x 17
  • C Size Maps: 17 x 22
  • D Size Maps: 22 x 36
  • E Size Maps: 36 x 48

Not sure what type/size map will work best for you? Contact Us to get a personalized quote.

Marketing Maps

It's true, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's what makes mapping so powerful, and makes mapping such a tremendous asset for so many companies.

Our maps can be a great tool to add to your marketing toolbelt. From Direct Mail to your Pizza Delivery Route, Sammamish Data Maps can help.

Some examples of Marketing Maps are below:

We can set you up to create maps internally, or you can utilize our Custom Mapping Services!

Data Maps

Analyzing your business data makes sure that your business is going in the right direction. Sammamish Data Maps can help you analyze your current or potential client base, help you find a new location for your business, or help with area assessments.

Some examples of business GeoSite Maps:

We can set you up to create maps internally, or you can utilize our Custom Mapping Services!