Zip +4 Centroids

A unique feature of our ZIP+4 Centroid Files is that each ZIP+4 location is offset from the street approximately 30 feet to provide additional realism to their actual location. This subtle enhancement, not found in any other ZIP+4 Centroid File, produces greater accuracy and thereby improving analysis.


Our ZIP+4 Centroid Files combine the latest information from the current TIGER/Line™ files, the U.S. Postal Service's latest AMS-II files, U.S. Geological Service survey data and our own proprietary data.

In addition, our centroids are offset approximately 30 feet from the street segment on the proper side of the street. These offset centroids clearly separate the ZIP+4 Centroids on facing blocks, thus contributing to more accurate and useful ZIP+4 Centroid locations.

The use of our ZIP+4 Centroid File adds a new level of precision to sales and marketing applications based on individual mailing addresses .

Geography Levels

Available by State, Region, or the entire U.S.

Update Schedule

Available with Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual updates. Remember, we can create the most current, custom .pdf or hard copy maps for you!

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