Zip +2 Polygons

Custom built for our customers, SammData created unique ZIP+2 Postal Area Files using the same technology required to produce the most accurate Postal Carrier Route Polygons Files available!


This exciting new type of file combines the latest information from the current TIGER/Line™ files, the Postal Service's latest AMS II files, the Geological Survey, and proprietary data.

Using our accurately positioned ZIP+4's adds incredible detail to show small postal areas. This allows users display of customer penetration like never before!

Our ZIP+2 Polygon Files come with a centroid database to display all polygon center points with their corresponding route number.

This extremely accurate and detailed file is ready for use with most desktop mapping systems, including GeoSight, MapInfo, and ArcInfo/ArcView.

Geography Levels

Available by State, Region, or the entire U.S.

Update Schedule

Available with Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual updates. Remember, we can create the most current, custom .pdf or hard copy maps for you!

For pricing, detailed file layouts, or questions, contact us